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Thread: Another Aoe Pec?

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    Default Another Aoe Pec?

    i just wanted to play around with this one as i was not clearing up invasions fast enough (as I would like, really)....So this is the spec...


    Call: Razorbeast
    Deadly Strike
    Final Countdown
    Satchel Charge
    Time Bomb

    #show Flash of Steel
    cast Call: Razorbeast
    cast Flash of Steel
    cast Reprisal
    cast Implosion Engine
    cast Energy Manipulation
    cast Satchel Charge
    cast Last Ditch Effort
    cast Deadly Strike
    cast Detonate
    cast Annihilation Sticky Bomb

    I would like to its viablilty for cleaning up lower lvl mobs as fast as( massive AOE with a bit of ST) possible considering the fact the the player is low geared ATM and any other recommendations for a low geared char..
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    which is currently the best aoe spec (eg clearing BoS trashes) ?

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