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Thread: Is this a good Spam MAcro for rogue

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    Default Is this a good Spam MAcro for rogue

    Hi !

    Would liek to know if this is a good macro for a Rogue.
    My main concern is the number of spell casts at the beginning, which can make me lose some DPS.

    I use this one for Builder Macro

    #show Dusk to Dawn
    cast @self Ebon Fury
    cast @self Touch of Darkness
    cast @self Scourge of Darkness
    cast @self Energy Manipulation
    cast Death from the Shadows
    cast Twilight Force

    And this one as a finisher

    #show Blazing Strike
    cast @self Energy Manipulation
    cast @self Scourge of Darkness
    cast @self Dark Descent
    cast Dusk to Dawn
    cast Flame Thrust

    My Soul is 61NB and 15 MM


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    Default you can find some great guides ->

    -> especially for nightblade. (including spam/finisher macro(s))

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    i see nothing wrong with it

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    You don't need cast@self for Ebon Fury, Touch of Darkness or Dark Descent.

    Ebon Fury makes your Dusk Strike cost no energy, so why isn't it in the macro? You should spam Dusk Strike with Ebon Fury.

    You do #show Blazing Strike but don't put it in the macro? Blazing Strike does more damage than Flame Thrust. Put Blazing Strike before Flame Thrust. Your Flame Thurst will go off if you're not in melee.

    Don't macro Scourge of Darkness or Touch of Darkness in spam/finisher macros. Don't macro finishers in spam macros. You won't have control of over when you use them, and you could use them at one CB.

    You can macro Scourge of Darkness or Touch of Darkness together though. Since ones 1m cd and the other is 30s. Use them at the same time.

    You want to use 5 Dusk Strikes for stacks of Emptiness, then you should use your finisher macro.

    You'll have two CD blocks, one CD block is Emptiness stacks with Dark Descent with Blazing Strike. The other is Ebon Fury with Dusk Strike spam. I was told Scourge of Darkness and Touch of Darkness does not effect Blazing Strike. So I only use Scourge of Darkness and Touch of Darkness with Ebon Fury and Dusk Strike spam.

    Not sure why that other guy said they saw nothing wrong... Guess they are bad or trolling. And as the first person said, look at the guides for NB. Again not sure why they didn't link a guide... also read the abilities more to get an understanding of how the soul works. Heres a guide on NB.
    In the wise words of my professor.. Did you read?

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