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Thread: What would you want the new rogue soul to be?

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    I would like to see a support soul that in terms of mechanics would drop individual buffs on single players as needed in the form of visual vfx auras like the shields that Frostkeeper uses the buffs would be dps,healing and resistance related,and raid Buffs in form of AoE that would be formed on the ground and the group would only benefit from them if standing in them,max X buffs at the same time,the skill of the support player would be seen by the timing that the same individual andAoE raid buffs would be dropped, for example knowing the fight the good support player knows that at a particular time he/she would have to drop a shield buff to protect the individual player or raid from a hard hitting hability and after maybe drop a individual buff on the healer wih X time of increased heals or a AoE that would heal the raid for X amount of HP if standing in it,and why not a trap like AoE that the tank would have to lead the Boss/mobs in to to get them to take a debuff,or even more traditional direct on the target,as for how the combo points would be generated i would say maybe that some buffs would give and others would consune so keeping them up and the priority would be related to this mechanic,some nice visual effects and i think it would be maybe interesting to play in pve and pvp.
    I would name it tactician if it was not already taken so i guess i will have to call it Engineer.

    Now brings on the criticism...constructive lol.
    And for some....rogue is not primalist, have no interest in seeing rogue beeing a copy of it in the way is supposed to work.
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    Default Swashbuckler

    One of my favorite classes to play in Neverwinter Nights was always the Swashbuckler. A single, 1H sword. It would have block capabilities similar to those with shields in the form of a parry, with reposte abilities for use immediately after blocking (just like countering). There would be a couple of buffs similar to bard, but not enough to outshadow the usefulness of bard, either. A few attack speed increasing abilities, and maybe even a flying pet, such as a parrot, that does ranged damage.

    That's what I want.

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    We don't need more Souls.. we need balance and upgrades to what we have. Seriously when was the last time you saw anyone in the endgame playing anything other than NB or NB/SAB unless they are healing or Tanking or at a rarity needing to Bard.

    Ranger... Useless @ Endgame
    MM.... Only used to purge
    Shadeborn..It never gets used
    Sin.. Generally only see it in PVP
    Bladedancer... Same only see it in PVP

    Rift drew me to play because of its diversity unfortunately Soul equality has never existed.

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    Default debuff pro

    i was think on the lines that we might need something like a debuff pro soul which can parry enemies and apply a debuff to it....sort of like an avoidance tank...

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    I completely agree that the last thing this game needs is more souls considering how many unusable, uncompetitive, or unplayable many of the existing souls are.

    But since it is going to happen I'll go ahead and give my inputs.

    First I loved the Witch Hunter style in WAR which was mele sword combo builders and a ranged shot finisher. The lores would kind of fit as someone who hunts down Abyssal or Endless cultists. The play style could be a good fit as a PVP soul.

    Also from WAR, although a healer soul, would be the Disciple of Khane type of mechanics where it was a mele soul that used a secondary target mechanic where the damage done would heal heal an ally.

    A similar mechanic to the chloro veils and synthesis could be adapted to make this work. In the process Tact could be readjusted back to a support soul that offers the same raid buffs and CDs as archon.
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