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Thread: BiS Trinket

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    Default BiS Trinket

    Hi all,

    quite recently I have see someone saying that Blood Seal of the Risen Assassin (65 IGP) was the best trinket for rogue, if you have the eternal weapon.

    Is that (still) true? If yes, why? If no, what is the best trinket then?

    Thanks for your support!


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    How about the reputation trinket giving you 20% increase damage for 10 or 15 seconds ? huh ?

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    IGP trinket was considered bis because of its proc damage getting buff via eternal weapon plus you were able to get nice amount of crit power from it but proc itself is around 20k dps.

    Eye of Omnox for melee builds is surely bis due to its proc but its current state a bit broken.

    Even if your omnox proc broken and you didn't get benefit from it, iROTP trinket and notoriety trinkets(without any proc) giving same or higher dps output then IGP trinket if you have decent amount of crit power.
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    Have anyone tested the Uttila Resistance trinkets? They dont seem to be worth all the Intel (compared to upgrading CP 606 main stat essences) but if the IGCDs are good they may in fact be very strong?
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