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Thread: Best lvling Spec?

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    Default Best lvling Spec?

    Hi I'm pretty new to the game. I pvp mostly but was wondering what would be the best lvling spec

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    While assassin is fun for sneaking past stuff (handy to switch into to short circuit large trash packs in quests), and ranger would be the safest way to level because of the ranged abilities and tank pet, it might be worth considering things like bladedancer and nightblade as well (both have solid single target and AoE). Not sure how each compares levelling up from scratch. Ranger might be the easiest place to start. Ranger is, however, the weakest DPS spec at max level.
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    "Best" != "easiest"

    tl;dr: Learn something useful, don't just focus on easiest fast-track to 70. It's quite sad that many people who play this game only know one mediocre soloing spec at level 70.

    Ranger is supposedly the easiest spec for leveling, but it's pretty much useless for anything other than really slow solo questing. Einstein's observation that "every problem has an answer that is simple, obvious and wrong" applies to ranger.

    Bard is a viable leveling spec, and also teaches the basics of support and some group healing, great for group play as well. Bard still makes a number of great hybrids, so greatly adds to your versatility. It won't do massive dps, it's a bit slow, but a good soul to know for end game.

    Marksman is not a very good leveling spec. Plenty of single target offense, and speed to kite melee mobs while killing, but it's a coin toss vs ranged opponents or any place you cannot stay at range. Utility at end game/pvp varies over time, currently it's at relatively low point: MM can raid atm, but it's behind the next couple of choices by a fair amount.

    Assassin has been consistently playable at end game and in all levels of pvp for the past many years, so leveling with it will teach you something worth knowing forever after. It's a decent leveling spec, but very single target. Assassin can be slow and rather fragile, though it can also easily escape from encounters that will kill most anything else. The payoff for mastering assassin is huge.

    Bladedancer is a great leveling spec, with decent single target and great AoE (but only to 4 targets now); it really mows down everything in PVE. But it's much harder to play well before about level 67, because you have to learn how to match up five different dances with a couple different rotations -- and that all changes to something much simpler when you get your first couple of legendaries (lvl 66-67). Also, BD is not nearly as useful at end game except for soloing/farming; it's OK for "early" dungeons where you are still clearing the trash mobs, but mostly the trash mobs are skipped (because they drop nothing). Wait until lvl 67 and it will take a day or two to master.

    Didn't have nightblade or shadeborn when leveling, don't know how they work for it, but both are very much worth learning. The NightBorn hybrid is, for the moment, one of the better "simple" endgame specs, but FOTM is likely to change many times before you reach lvl 70.

    Finally, looking at endgame, riftstalker tank hybrids are viable for leveling -- and tanks are always the rarest and highest demand role in any group content. It's actually about as fast and much more reliable to level as a tank than as a ranger, and worth so much more later. So maybe not all the time, but consider using a tank build for leveling maybe a quarter of the time, a few hours every week, and that will all but guarantee a place in any dungeons along the way (and many of the lower level dungeons/raids are much more challenging and fun than the end game stuff atm). Tank in IA's and the like for both practice and leveling.

    Really finally, learn a healing spec or two in IA's, zone events and other group content. PvP healing is extremely challenging -- if you can do that, you can do anything! ;)

    All of that will make the game much more interesting and fun for you, maybe take some of the chore out of leveling.

    Good luck!
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    Ranger is *fun* though (to me). I'm going to hold out hope that Trion buffs the damage up.

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    I'd highly recommend 4 points in Tactician for Curative Engine It adds a good bunch of survivability to the rogue and saved me countless amounts of healpots

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    Ranger is actually very good until around lvl 50. If you dont have tact, bard is a decent off soul as well as riftstalker. lower level you benefit alot from any self healing. Assassin or Nightblade with tact will help you kill mobs faster than ranger after lvl 50 and stay full on health to go without having to eat to refill health alot.

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    Tactician is ok for leveling, good heals and AoE for pulling multiple mobs but I find it to be lower on the DPS spectrum than most.
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    i've used a lot of my hybrids from pvping, but for doing the storylines while lvling up, i always went back to 2 - 61assassin/15bd/0nb but mostly my 61 ranger.
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    I personally like using BD hybrid for levelling. Massive survivability and you clear trash mobs really quickly.


    This build gives really good survivability and can still tear through content. One thing that I like about it compared to ranger is that ranger is largely ST, whereas with this build you can take up to 5 enemies at once and still survive, especially at later levels once you have your aoe channels and vampiric buff on your weapons. With Curative Engine, Boosted Recovery & Vampiric, you heal like crazy.

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    Thumbs up A corollary to the "Best != Easiest" theorem of gaming science

    Quote Originally Posted by catonmylap View Post
    "Best" != "easiest" . . .
    First of all, I know this is a year or so late, so the OP's will probably not read it, but there may be the occasional new-to-Rift player (like me) who reads the thread and—Heaven forbid—post, thereby helping to keep Rift and the forums alive and healthy, a goal of mine as I've come to love Rift. Anyway, great tips for good raiding and soloing specs. They're solid and seem up-to-date even now, for the most part, except about Bladedancer, which currently has the potential (depending on how it's specced (spelling?) to do great endgame DPS.

    Besides thanking you, I also wanted to balance your wise maxim, which should be in all the gaming textbooks imho, btw, with what is again imo an equally if not *sometimes* more important rule of gaming, namely:

    Best != Highest DPS/HPS || Popular Spec

    In other words, although it's important to know your calling and roles, and DPS/HPS and other factors are very important, at least as I see it, if you don't like the currently highest-DPS/HPS spec, or if it's just not gonna make you happy, by all means, choose a role or spec that will, whatever the DPS, whatever the gaming society at large tells you is the "right" way or "best" way or even the "standard" way. Make your own way. Stick to the basics, but remember they're only guidelines. And relax, above all. This is supposed to be fun, after all. xP Happy gaming!
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