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Thread: SFP MM Leveling help needed!!!

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    Default SFP MM Leveling help needed!!!

    Playing MM, leveling in SFP I'm noticing my DPS is extremely low. I'm talking about in the teens and barely 20's on most fights at level 66. I have replaced most of my gear with normal quest green gear that is double if not triple my stats at lvl 65 and my dps has gone down.

    In looking for MM discussions, they are all for someone who is a level 70 with legendaries, etc.. but what about while leveling? Everything at 70 relies on your legendaries, but how about while leveling up? Using all the macros and level 70 strats has plummeted my dps.

    Here is the main guide I followed to set mine up beginning at level 65, and right now half way through 66 am pulling around 20k dps single target.

    Any help or pointers to already created leveling links which I can't seem to find for MM in SFP would be greatly appreciated!


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    If you want to play MM, I'd say just play 61MM/11Ranger/4NB, grab the Call: Razorbeast legendary now. Play Marksman as you would at 65 and just add Call: Razorbeast into your macro.
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    Does it has to be MM?

    Didn't you get the memo?
    Ranger OP bro. Twin shot spam gg ez game.
    Or Bladedancer...

    But yea if you insist on MM leveling you might want to pick up legendary like this
    1. Free Recoil 2. Calculated Shot 3. Rapid Fire Shot
    This way you can play EXACTLY as if you are playing a Lv70 marksman as soon as you hit Lv68. Then finish up with 4. Call: Razor Beast then 5. Fiery Spike

    Or you can just go with Call: Razor Beast first and enjoy the extra damage right away, and play like old school Lv65 marksman until you get Free Recoil + Calculated Shot + Rapid Fire Shot.

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