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Thread: A Little Confused

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    Default A Little Confused

    So I have crappy gear, only 1875 hit, but I just hit 70 a couple of days ago and I've been working on plat since then. There are a few things that have me lost.

    1) With 61 ranger/sab I have 15205 dex, 20718 ap, 14892 phys crit, and with 61 MM I only have 14114 dex, 17603 ap, and 14197 phys crit, but MM does more dps even though it has lower stats?

    2) How do you guys deal with all the cool downs and button mashing and still do dps? There are 60 second cds, 30 second cd's and I think I saw one you have to use every 20 seconds, is it just a practice thing? Stand in front of my the crash test dummies in my dim for an hour or so a day maybe til i get it down?

    3) There's a discussion in this forum called New PTS Balance Pass for Rogue and from what I gather from it ranged rogue is broken or unwieldy and the melee rogue is just as bad, as far as balance goes, is this right? I guess the question is am I attempting to learn a broken class?

    That about sums up my frustration and confusion for the moment.
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    As long as expansion packs and Essential Edition are in the Rift Store for cash only purchases and are bind on pickup or bind on account only, then the game will be pay to win. Once you can buy them with store credits or can place them on the AH then the game won't be pay to win.

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    If you read through some of the posts here you should find tons of good info.

    Also I recommend reading through what Maltie has so far in his rogue compendium. Hopefully he doesn't mind me plugging it:


    As you read through forums, check out player signatures. Some people have links to their guides/builds. You can also find several in the class guides section of the forums.

    Managing different abilities with the various cooldowns certainly can take some practice. On many of the guides rotations are discussed which will help you to learn how to mange those abilities & cooldowns.

    There are many changes coming. That's the way of things. As your class abilities change, I'd recommend popping back to the forums occasionally to see how the veterans here are approaching those changes.

    And yes if you are playing MM correctly it should parse higher than ranger or ranger/sab. DPS is linked to your abilities and combat flow more than it is just pure stats so don't get thrown off by that.

    Hope this helps!
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