Currently in the middle of writing a long detailed rogue compendium, it's not finished yet, if you're in the Rift discord you may have seen me mention it a few times, currently i'm just finishing off the Spec section, and i would really appreciate other people giving me a few more specs to go from, its mostly just solo specs that I currently don't have, mostly because I only levelled with BD and didn't need anything else

So if you want to have your spec mentioned (credit will be given ofc) link me your spec in a comment (or mail it to me if you want to discuss some stuff before I put it on), if you could put it in the following format I would greatly appreciate it (but its not required, I can do it myself if you don't want to)




(BD) Fated Blades - Allows for a 2nd dance to be up at the same time.
(BD) Hundred Blades - No longer has a cooldown - Energy consumption increases per tick.
(BD) Twin Cleave - Refreshes any dances you have up.
(RNG) Call: Razorbeast - 20% damage increase for 20 seconds. 30second cooldown.
(Tact) Empyrean Bolt - Reduces all non Tactician cooldowns by 1.5seconds

(explanations not required, I can do it myself)

Credit - [Your Name Goes Here]

Tips on how to play:
  • Keep up both Blade and Soul Parity + Fated Blades
  • Use Twin Cleave at the last second of your dances - Use Empyrean Bolt to reduce the cooldown of Twin cleave to get a 100% uptime of BaSP/Fated - These should never drop off.
  • Use Hundred Blades as a disconnect ability if needed. You can cast this 3 times consecutively (17 stacks of the debuff) before getting drained.

--- End --

Here is what I have currently - Remember its not fully complete, I still need to proof read and fix some things that havent been updated, which is why its not posted in the guide section yet (so don't flame me if you find something incorrect in the previous sections, at least not yet - If its still there when I post it go crazy)

Things im going to be adding;

Possibly Shadebard if my internet gets fixed and lets me get on Rift
BD solo build.

Anything is appreciated atm, like I said before solo specs are a main things that I don't have - Im not asking for you to write a guide but any inspiration would just be amazing

Thanks in advance!

- Anizia

p.s. - You can always join the Rift discord if you ever wanted to discuss something with me (i'm basically always available unless i'm sleeping or in class)