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Thread: Top Rogue NA Giving out Free Tips

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    Default Top Rogue NA Giving out Free Tips

    The name says it all.

    Free Tips.

    Reply with current dps, spec, and best coffee rage quote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkDaemon View Post
    But it can't be He said best rogue NA
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aedynn View Post
    Rogue is already severely OP and can destroy 90% of FOTM specs with Assassin.

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    Best of any classe must play all rolls...
    dps tank heals an sup with good results on any of them...and not play flavor of the month specs imo.good pvp/pve player and someone that helps his/her fellow player to get better everyday...some kind of rare species that seems to be so elusive that i have not seen one in a very long time.the so called team player.

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