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Thread: Looking for rogue speed build

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    Default Looking for rogue speed build

    Hiya, anyone willing to share a rogue speed build? I need one for stuff like Tok`s instance and such, thank you in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by robbdarkelf View Post
    Hiya, anyone willing to share a rogue speed build? I need one for stuff like Tok`s instance and such, thank you in advance

    Take the sidesteps legendary (15% movement speed for 30 seconds) and shadow shift legendary (reduces CD)

    Sprinters Guile mastery for 10% movement speed buff and NB for the port+movement speed increase
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruzito View Post
    its actually 4 buttons. Let me know when you learn how to rogue

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    You should be posting in a discussion section.

    If you don't have extra role slots, you can use regular 61 Bladedancer and activate defensive pose and use Sprint when needed.

    If you do have some roles slots you can use a Riftstalker/Bladedancer hybrid:
    Here is an example:

    Legendaries: On the double, Shadow Shift, Guarded Steel, Side steps and Twin Cleave.

    There's so much options out there but the RS/BD hybrid offers the most passive move speed, utility & gapclosers.
    Shadow Shift has 10s CD, gives 50% move speed boost, Sprint gives 50%, On the double legendary gives 5% passive move speed, Side steps gives 15% (Use Twin Cleave to refresh the duration upon expiration), Defensive Pose gives 15% passive move speed, Sprinter's Guile 63 mastery gives 10% passive move speed. You can also shadow stalk to a group mate within 20m.

    You can also use 2 Markman and try to manage Swift shot and Hasted Shot, If you add all those move speed, the highest you can get while mount-less is 180% movespeed, and the fastest mount is 160%.
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    For Tok's Proving Ground commuting, I use something semi-similar to this build, but not exact:

    You can change how you distribute the points, though I've found these to be nice or essential for maxing out-of-combat movement speed (note, you can't stack sprint CDs, unfortunately):
    -Anthem of Competence (from 12 point Bard). (+15% movement speed togglabe buff) (Out of combat movement speed buff only, as 21 points in Bard is needed to allow that Anthem to work in combat).
    -Defensive pose (from 36 points in Bladedancer). (+15% movement speed togglable buff) (and yes, this stacks with the bard's movement speed anthem!)
    -Legendary Side-steps (+50% sprint for 30s, 1 min 30 sec CD)
    -Sprint (+50% sprint for 15s, 1 min CD)
    *either 0 Riftstalker for Shadow Shift [15 meter blink, 30 sec CD], or deeper into Riftstalker for some extra blinks [whichrequire a target] or Flashback (32 points in Riftstalker which is nice for polygon and perhaps pyramid puzzle, among possible others). or
    *0 Marksmans (for On-the-double [5s sprint on a 40 sec CD OR [legendary] +5% passive movement speed]. Though for marksmans, you can use Swift shot on a rat for an additional +15% movement speed for 10s as well.

    While sprints are not stackable, I know that other movement speed buffs, like Defensive Pose and Anthem of Competence, among others, are stackable.

    And while we're talking about movement speeds, don't forget that there's other consumables you can use, like Tuath'de Insoles (or similiar if not lvl 66-70), or the crucia movement speed buffs from your PA (or similar item drops from Rifts, like Atmospheric Mirror).
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