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Thread: Ranger sound effects

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    Default Ranger sound effects

    Hello there

    I'm fairly new to the game and one thing that seems to really bug me on my ranger rouge is the awful sound effects for the bow. I'm ever increasingly finding myself saying pew pew as I loose another arrow in the hopes of hearing something a little better.

    I'm aware it wouldn't be a priority but to simply replace the files with some newer, more interesting ones can't be that hard to do surley?

    I think one thing that's a bit frultrathin about them is that it's the same sound instead if say a random sector picking one of a few sounds to play when an arrow is fired?

    Anyone with any hints to stop my ears being abused please do say so!



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    It's not ranger sound effect, it's a sound effect for legendary abilities, it's just not a pleasing sound effect, so you'll probably hear this in raids a lot, because level 70 players will be casting legendary abilities, I wish there's an option to disable this sound effect.

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