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Thread: Shadeborn in PvP

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    Default Shadeborn in PvP

    I was wondering if anybody else is playing/has played Shadeborn in PvP and has an unfavorable opinion about its performance. It feels comparatively weak to Assassin, and the ranged damage buff, Innumerable Shadows, isn't all too useful since it has such a high energy cost, and double-pressing has happened on it with lag.

    Consuming Depths sounds powerful by the tooltip description, but it doesn't seem to hit all that hard. Getting it to pop as an insta-cast is even worse because of RNG.

    Target-swapping is inconvenient because you have to apply Void Touch, Strangulate, and Bond of Night. Innumerable Shadows is also necessary for the damage buff, as with Mirrored Strike whenever it comes off every minute.

    Comparatively, at least in my experience playing Paragon as an extremely bare-geared warrior, Shadeborn is by far the inferior class in PvP. With Paragon, builders AND finishers can be ranged with Grasping, and Flurry is good for catching disconnects. With Champion and Warlord, I get 2 additional charges (4 total, including Thunderous Leap), and a pull + snare, so getting into melee range isn't very challenging at all. Getting to finishers is easier too with only 3 AP to cast Reaping Harvest, which is great alongside the other abilities that benefit from its smoothly-timed combat buffs.

    Shadeborn can get combo points easily with Strangulate ticks, but applying those abilities along with the other buffs/debuffs makes you all the more vulnerable when other classes can start bursting you right off the bat.

    Similarly, the only specs from the most recent soul pack release I've seen in PvP are Warchanters and Frostkeepers, along with some Maelstroms who are the top ranged specs and near top DPS specs overall for both PvP and PvE. Is there a reason why classes that have priority-based rotations like Runeshaper and Shadeborn are so ineffective in PvP, even though they are one of the strongest DPS specs for PvE content?

    Otherwise is there anyone else who had success playing SB in PvP? Right now, I feel that Shadeborn is about useful for being competitive for raid content, which basically translates to me paying for the latest raids releases.
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    When it first came out i tried everything i could think of to make it viable for pvp, and all i ended up with were sub par alternatives to pretty much any other pvp dps build. Dont get me wrong, you can totally play it and do pretty well. However you could also play any of the other dps specs and have a better time while doing it. I know im not being very helpful here, but all around i feel like sb just isnt meant for pvp the way it is.

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    not everything needs to be viable in pvp, considering rogues have the most viable roles in pvp out of all classes i fail to see what the problem is.

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