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Thread: Melee dps help

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    Default Melee dps help

    I've been sticking with MM as my primary DPS spec for rogue since I returned to Rift (I'm good at it and lots of utility), but I want to work my way back into melee specs. What I'd like to do is start with the easiest PVE melee spec, and once I'm comfortable with it, work up to the best MDPS specs for raiding and PVP, which I know are a lot more complicated. Suggestions on the path to that?


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    Try 61 Assassin or AssDancer. Nightblade might be easier, but also isn't really "true" melee, as it has 20 m range on a lot of its abilities. Assassin is also straight up better. More fun too, if you ask me.

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    yea i would go with 61assasin, then try 61nightblade and once you're comfortable with both, go with nbsin.
    after that i would try bladedancer and then assdancer

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