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Thread: Solo Leveling Build for 60-65 Help?

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    Default Solo Leveling Build for 60-65 Help?

    Hello all, I'm just now returning to the game after not playing since slightly before the game went free to play.

    My only build setups atm from way back when is 61BD, 61 MM, and a Assassin PvP Spec, none of these seems great for the leveling progress. (Mostly missing heals or AoE for getting things done quick)

    Any leveling builds can be suggested for me?
    (Also a build link rather than saying ( XX This / XX That) would be helpful as I clearly won't know skill distributions from being gone for so long, lol)

    (I have all the Souls except for the Ascendant Pack (ShadeBorn))
    Thanks in Advance.

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    This worked for me up to 65. Super easy.


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