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Thread: MY Rogue Healer PVP build !

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    Default MY Rogue Healer PVP build !

    Aight so these are my pvp build for a Rogue healer

    Physician (ST)

    Phys/tact (Aoe)

    Try them and ill appreciate some feedback

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    Gonna actually post my reply from the PvP guides in here too, since id like some feedback on my AoE build.

    Single Target:

    From the ST build you dropped Intensive Care.
    Usually you want to go 58 phys since Intensive Care is quite strong, and from there its preference. This build for sprint and this build for max hp are the most popular options, but you always go 58.


    As far as aoe goes, the build you linked is lacking. Basically its aoe finishers, the tact core that is a weak dot and curative remote that is very lacking for pvp since it requires ppl hitting that same target that you debuffed and it doesnt happen everytime.
    You can make that build infinitely better just by moving one point in restorative engine and using empirean bolt when you are able to strictly aoe heal. Also, consider adding 1 point to the aoe cleanse on phys. Dropping the points from Enhanced Core from the tact tree is your best bet, since they are nearly useless.

    Still thats not the best AoE build you can get for PvP.
    Currently i find this hybrid to be strong AoE healing option for rogues (likely to be the best we have for pvp), and it has really respectable ST capabilities.
    You use Cadenza as your AoE builder, since it benefits from the Invigoration talent from Bard. With the Ascended Biology as a mastery it ticks aoe healing. Group Therapy alternated with Coda of Restoration will be your finishers. Keep in mind that Coda of Restoration refreshes your motiffs.

    Even though Cadenza ticks and Coda of Restoration heal up to 5 people, the healing done is selective (they work in a way that they go to people that require healing) making them very efficient.
    You can also combine Virtuoso with Coda of Restoration and spam 15 healing finishers.

    Cleansing is also one of the strongest points of this build, allowing you to remove 30 debuffs from 10 people every 10 seconds with Mass Detox and Verse of Purity, making it very powerful vs common AoE dps builds like Reaver, negating damage against your team by a hugeee amount.

    Appart from the healing you bring and the cleansing, you also contribute with Motiff of Bravery, Tenacity and Regeneration, Fanfare of Power and Fanfare of Vigor, Anthem of Glory, and increasing all of your ally's attributes by 5% with Ressonance from bard.
    Power Chord is talented only because it applies all the motiffs quickly in one go with the Planar Replenishment 61 mastery.

    Even with this, AoE healing for rogues is still pretty lackluster when compared to other classes.

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    Don't need to go more then 51 imo (This 52) great for solo que/ duo que. Dont use finisher unless you have 3 stack of Congnitive Enhancement if you can help it.

    Edit: Might need t1/t2+ gear
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