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Thread: Choices , Choices....

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    Default Choices , Choices....

    Again back it with asking for help.
    I like the MM build and going well, but now getting some gear and not too sure which way to go, so I am reaching out to the MM Specialists.

    I have heard the CP shouldn't exceed 40%, is that true. If so, what to build next.
    I am building my Dex before anything, is that the right way to go. Here is why i ask, these to pairs of pants, not sure what to wear. I am thinking the higher dex is key, especially since I am at my 40% CP (if cp is capped).

    So what is my choice on what to wear?
    Drowned Prophet Leggings (what i am wearing)
    Armor- 13813, Dex- 365, St- 276, End- 228, CP- 282, Hit- 175

    Dream Breaker Leggings
    Armor- 10764, Dex- 241, St- 131, End- 192, CP- 367, Hit-125

    I am thinking the drowned becaus higher armor, higher Dex and Hit and End. But what about this CP thing. I know that it is supposed to go Dex, CP then ????
    So what if armor and Dex are similar? Do you build another stat since CP is capped.

    Hope it all makes sense.

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    In general: CP to ~2982 then AP. (Don't build CP to 40%, instead build to 2982 rating because some souls have passives that will take you over by %, and this is a good thing, whereas going over 3120 CP by rating is inefficient)
    In general, if the hit is higher, use it, because hit gets you in to higher tier content and in general is better overall.
    Even if a piece has PC, it could be better overall due to higher Dex/Str and the sheer amount of PC on it. For the best results, find some stat weights (someone please point me at updated Rogue stat weights, or a spreadsheet like the other callings have) and do the math.
    If you're over 2982 CP, it's not terrible, but you should try to lose some. A good way is to sidegrade store-bought items like those Drowned Prophet items, using an amender and some accelerators.
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    Thank you this help.

    Can someone point me to a " Rogue stat weights" sheet please?

    Thanks again-

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    I don't have a "set in stone" statweighting ready for rogue, because it is dependent on your spec and the gear you already have. This below is a rule of thumb for rogues :

    DEX: 0.95 (1.05 for specs with +10% DEX)
    STR: 0.45
    AP: 1.00
    CP: 0.7 (until 2982)
    PC: 0.375 (little higher for MM)

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