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Thread: Comparing Assassin and Marksman Pop.

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    Default Comparing Assassin and Marksman Pop.

    I'm leveling a rogue atm, and intend to bring it to max level, but I'm torn between going marksman (with NB RS for some stealth damage survivability etc), or assassin (with MM and RS for some extra damage, speed, teleports, and survivability) for pvp. I enjoy both in low level WFs atm, and like both for different reasons (i.e. a sniper feeling, or an unseen threat as assassin). But the main question is which is less represented in end game pvp? I enjoy playing the less common specs/classes/souls in a game, so a big deciding factor for me is "which will I see less of in high/max level WFs?" So that's basically my question for you guys what do you personally feel you see less of in WFs, an assassin sneaking around on your team and/or opening on your team, or a marksman raining a hail of arrows onto you/your opponents?

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    The nice thing about Rift, is that you can have both and even more (up to 20) specs, which you can swap between as long as you're not in combat. So there is no reason not to have both specs.

    As for specs seen most in WF's, if 61sin's are good then they'd be less seen (jk)
    But seriously, you can see both melee and ranged specs played almost equally. Depending on the warfront map, team composition etc. other spec might be more useful and better than the other.

    I personally prefer playing melee in WF's but will swap specs if/when it's needed or more suitable. Then there are of course people who prefer playing in ranged as well.

    So basically get the specs you prefer and want, and swap between them when there's a need for it or you feel like you need a change.

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    The trick is to master both sin & mm. TBH, master all of your 7 or 8 roles to suit any situation is best. All callings cept for primalist have a huge range of specs to suit any flavor atm. Kinda partial to Nightblade, Marksman, and Sabateour for damage variety.
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    Don't forget a healing spec. I've long since lost count of the times I've gone into a WF to find no healers and everyone standing around pretending they've not noticed, hoping that someone else will go heals. If nobody does, you've already lost.

    Being able to switch to healing can often make far more difference that another DPS.

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