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Thread: Phys/Tact high dps and high healing

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    Default Phys/Tact high dps and high healing

    I saw this player using a PHYS/TACT spec for a nightmare rift and he was pulling 200+k damage at the same time pulling 17+healing. Anyone know a link to this spec or one like it. I can not find one any where.

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    He was probably using powerups - Unity or Beam feel like likely candidates.

    If not, it may have been a higher point Tactician spec for higher damage instead of phys tact.
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    He was most likely using the Unity powerup. Though phystact can do pretty high AoE damage. Biofeedback, power core, necrotic core, planar variation, and necrotic torrent together is a good amount of damage. Probably not 200k so It was probably something like necrotic core and Unity.
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