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Thread: Nightblade/Bladedancer--Call That NBD

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    Default Nightblade and Bladedancer... Call that NBD (ooooo)

    Hey all, so with the recent Bladedancer changes making 54 Sin and 54 Sab looking really good, I wanted to play around with a cleave spec that would be fun to play in PvP.

    I would really appreciate any feedback on my hybridization of Nightblade and Bladedancer, linked here:

    45 Nightblade/31 Bladedancer/0 Marksman

    Just one concern I had right off the bat:

    How important is it to invest points into Scourge of Darkness? Each point of the upgrade gives 3 charges per, so if I were to move points around to maximize a) cleave damage and/or b) ST damage, which points would I have to take out? At this point, I'm thinking of the points invested in Lingering Flame, Melted Skin, and Eventide.

    Lingering Flame is the 20% added chance to add a stack of Fiery Spike after using Blazing Strike/Flame Thrust, which I don't really intend to use all too much when I'm taking advantage of the Deadly Dance buff.

    Melted Skin refers to the 5% increase in damage for 15 seconds when Hellfire and Smoldering Blades proc, though I'm not sure how important those points are when I intend on using those buffs instead of Virulent Poison from the Assassin tree.

    Eventide refers to the 10% damage increase in Dusk Strike and Twilight Force, while decreasing the energy cost of Primal Strike by 2. I'm most confident in this point investment, though again I am unsure which ones I should prioritize.

    As for the Bladedancer talents, I am fairly confident that I have invested the right points, though I am only unsure whether or not I could have added points to Vivacity for the 10 extra points in energy.

    I would really appreciate any feedback on this build, and would like to know what you think of its capabilities in a WF or any other instance.

    Edit: Actually it might just be me being really tired, but I really doubt the viability of this build vs. say full 61 NB or 61 BD, heh.
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