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Thread: Rise of the Phoenix solo with basic souls and 1k hit?

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    Default Rise of the Phoenix solo with basic souls and 1k hit?

    To farm money I run old raids, but on this one I`m stuck completely.
    I cannot kill 3 boss (general), no matter how hard I try.
    If I use ranger, I cannot damage him due to endless stuns
    If I use bard, I don`t have enough damage and he kills all of priests.
    As riftstalker I can survive one attack after all priests have died, but it`s not enough damage, and I die from second attack.

    Is there a way for me to run this raid solo or I have to get premium souls and 150+ hit gear?

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    1k hit should be more than enough to kill him with all the priests
    Try 61 Nightblade for a second break free, learn the spec well; free 2-3 priests, and take and use Planar Variation for a heal
    Use break frees and cooldowns wisely (Nightblade has Twilight Transcendence)
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    Bladedancer works too. The channels keep doing damage even during stuns and dancing steel prevents the stun to begin with. And don't forget cleanse soul.

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    Personally, I run it as 61 sin with no priests, but I'm up there with 1275 hit. Use Enduring Brew right after the big blast, followed by Planar Variation to finish healing up and get through the DoT. I'd imagine that any main soul with some phys in it would also be able to last.

    In fact, I'm pretty sure his stun is clenseable, so 11 phys would get you Dextoxificaiton, so you can cleanse yourself and never get stunned.

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    NB (2nd break free, twilight trancendence) or BD are the best at it. Remember to use vampiric essence from planar attunement and planar variation on yourself if you need.

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    Planar Variation completely negates the big damage. Both are on a 1-minute cooldown. The trick is to start channeling Planar Variation a second before the damage goes off so it ticks you up to full health instantly. If you miss a tick, that's OK--only one tick of Planar Variation is actually needed.

    I have no trouble doing Silgen on either NB or Bladedancer. I prefer Bladedancer because of the extra breaks (Dancing Steel alone wipes out about 1/3rd of stuns, depending on RNG). Any spec with Planar Variation should be able to get him done, especially combined with Vampiric Essence.

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    I started doing Greenblight and RotP at 800hit on marksman + perma-invis soul.

    If you got your rotations just somewhat right you should be able to pull 30-40k (considerably less on the General due to his CC) but the DPS should be enough to take him down in 4 rounds (4 free'd prisoners).
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    I don't even free the prisoners.

    Try a nightbard varient. There you get Dps as well as healing.
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