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Thread: Back in action

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    Default Back in action

    OK so I've been away from the game for a little bit and was a rogue raid healer phys tact (sorry for spelling in a rush). Stopped playing a little after planes of water just before anyone took down any of the major raids.

    So now in 3.3 approaching 3.4 my question is how much different is the gear now for healing because my old toon had decent gear where i could raid heal and heal NTE with no issues at all.

    Is there a stat weight difference now or what lol...

    Basically right now I'm just a little lost and need a point in the right direction to get back to healing no issues again lol

    Thanks in Advance

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    It's technically heading to 3.5 in December...

    Buuuuuut anyway! If you are healing NTE you are at least 800 hit. You can still use your current gear to heal stuff with, it doesn't change. But... you need to get upgraded gear to get you to...

    1000 hit - t1 raids - RoF/MS/TF
    1200 hit - t2 raids - HK/iGP
    1400 hit - t3 raids - MoM

    I know you don't exactly need hit to heal as a rogue, but it is a benchmark on how geared you are to the content, and while you could heal them with a lesser hit, you may have problems unless you are being carried.

    There are many ways to get the required hit on your gears to progress: dailies/weeklies, pvp, crafting and raiding itself.

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