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Thread: Highest AoE DPS Build

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    Default Highest AoE DPS Build

    What is the highest aoe dps rogue build that doesn't have saboteur that can solo pve?
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    There's Bladestalker and NB

    Obviously it depends on your level and whether or not you have paid souls.
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    Also depends on what your definition of AoE is.

    BD has the best burst with Dancing Steel and HB, but then has 18 seconds of relatively nothing. It also has zero range to gather mobs with.

    NB has reasonable sustain, but a high ramp-up time. It's ramp up also depends on how high up the NB tree you go (41 pts minimum for Flame Blitz, 51pts for Living Flame, 61 pts for Dark Decent).

    Tactician has really good AoE damage (low ramp up, high sustain), but it's single target damage is piss poor. Unlike the others, it also has good self healing at 58 points with restorative bolt.

    Try all three, and see which one works for the scenario you're using it in.

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