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Thread: Returning Rogue - LF Solo Help

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    Default Returning Rogue - LF Solo Help

    I've been playing off and on over the years, and have recently returned. I initially started playing a Warrior, as I always play Rogue. I got him to near 50 before I realized I like none of his souls, and would rather be playing a rogue.
    My old Rogue is level 61 currently. I've always built my own builds, after researching on the net/forums. I've also had great luck with my own builds. Friends who used to play could never beat me in duels (even when I handicapped myself), I did fairly well in PvP, and world activities/rifts were a breeze. Unfortunetly, I cannot seem to find a solid build currently.

    Sidenote, I have no guild, I do not do dungeons or raids, and my friends do not play anymore. So solo means solo.

    My recent warrior, while boring, was able to handle invasions 2+ levels above his along with fully completing rifts (and I do understand the new content is of a harder caliber than older content). My Rogue, however, cannot kill a single enemy before I'm dead on Invasions (possibly 1 enemy with cds and pots). Bonus levels of rifts are far and above my abilities.
    I'm competent but I'm looking for something moderately simple (the guides for Marksman and Bladedancer seem a touch complex although I guess I could attempt..)
    On another sidenote, I cannot stand Bladedancer or Nightblade. And apparently they make up the majority of current guides (aside from all Assassin, which I enjoy despite my hatred of stealth, but assassin is having major troubles with anything above 1 mob as well.)

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    By avoiding marksman, nightblade, bladedancer, and assassin you kind of avoid every strong base available to rogue :/. All it leaves you with is ranger pretty much, which is sub-par, or tactician which you may struggle to kill some solo mobs with.

    I would strongly advise taking a look at these for solo/leveling purposes:



    The first one was my personal favourite when I was leveling only because I enjoyed nightblade, but the bladedancer one from what I've heard is more effective.

    If you prefer assassin just go 61 sin/4 tact/11 riftstalker or something.

    The guides might look complicated but the good guides contain all the information you need to play the spec perfectly. If you don't care too much about perfecting it, you can always just read the basics from the guide (as in, taking the spec, reading your abilities, reading the basic rotation, and then just playing from there).

    Once you're more comfortable you can go back and look at the more complex stuff in the guide

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    that 41 NB spec is what i used to solo lvl when i wasn't in wfs. average dps while tanky enough to take on mobs.
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