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Thread: Rogue lvling build for 60-65

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    Default Rogue lvling build for 60-65

    hey guys, i just came back to rift after a 6 month break, but i see there has been some changes in lvling specs for rogues. what is the fastest and most consistant spec out there for lvling from 60 to 65?

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    Bladedancer (Muspel has a solo BD guide somewhere)
    61 Nightblade / 4+ Tactitician / 8+ Riftstalker
    Assassin for sneaking & killing one mob fast

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    On my main i leveled on full dps BD with vampiric essences on, doing w/e i wanted at the mobs.
    On my 2nd rogue, i went 1 to 65, doing the same and is considerably easier with 4 tact 11 rs subsouls. The ppl new to the game can enter on PoW at level 58, most of the time they have several pieces of gear under lvl 55 and there is a huge difference between someone that does that and someone that was t3 or t2 geared in SL.
    What am i saying is there is a breaking point from when you can and where you cant aoe with BD. My main could do w/e he wanted on full dps spec, my 2nd rogue was forced in rs tact subsouls to aoe with BD.

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