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Thread: Best synergy crystal for mm pvp?

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    Default Best synergy crystal for mm pvp?

    I continually either have people say slayer or warmaster. Do any of you guys know if one is actually better and that it would even be significant to use one over the other? If gear matters at all for the choice I have all frenetic gear or similar @ 1225 hit.

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    Default warmaster until t3

    I have been told by a very skilled guild-mate that warmaster is used.

    EDIT: I'm sorry this answer was for PVE. I just noticed he asked about PvP.
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    My guess is Warmaster

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    Slayers has always performed better for me ever since I reached crit power soft cap. I know Warmaster's provides an extra 350 AP while in combat, but the increased damage on non-finisher ability tool-tips with slayers equipped seems to me like a better deal. For example, for me Sentry Battery damage is 134,445 - 148597 over 3s with Slayers and with Warmasters it's 131,849 - 145,728.

    I don't see how 350 Attack Power would be a better deal in that example.

    I do use the 10 Sab varation in my build which is quite the boost to attack power already, so I don't know without testing if it makes a difference over the Ranger/NB build that most people seem to use.
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    interesting topic, at first there does not really seem much difference, I on my Ranger went with 'Slayer' mainly due to noticing in the Crystal tool tips that the Slayer tooltip says it gives 'X' amount increased damage to finisher ability's, while the Warmaster tooltips says it gives 'X' amount increased damage to the finishers 'BASE' damage. which if the tool tip is correct is quite a big deference especially if you are CP capped.

    I might be wrong but thats the way I looked at it, plus the AP increase with Warmaster is basically a 'Proc' and lasts for 10 secs, but how long is the CD?

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