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Thread: Returning to the game need advice

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    Default Returning to the game need advice

    What is current the best dps build for rouge atm. I am returning to the game after a long hiatus and i know a lot of things have changed i was a mage back then but decided to roll a rouge this time. I am currently lvl 15 and just messing around with the soul tree at the moment / key binding my skills etc. Is it best to focus strictly on ranged MM talents ?? or put some points into the melee abilities as well. If someone could link me a good build i would appreciate it. And are there any usefull macros for rouges??? i had a few on my mage but not many.

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    If you look at your talent tree, you will see a button called presets. You can choose one of these. They usually have pretty good descriptions of how the role works, and sometimes a link to a guide. Useful for starting out.

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