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Thread: Ranger Stats ... Crit Power

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    Default Ranger Stats ... Crit Power

    I use Ranger for PvP, almost exclusively. Critics aside about which rogues souls would be better for me, I'd like a brief explanation of stat priority, particularly regarding Crit Power. I read that CP is capped for the Pet at 500 and for some reason that is viewed as the soft cap for the Ranger as well. Is that true, and why? Is it strictly because of the loss of additional damage by the pet? And if so, is AP the stat to maximize?

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    Ranger should be shooting for 40% crit power just like everyone else, especially if you're using it for PvP. You need to maximize the potential burst on Twin Shot + Shadow Fire.

    PvP is really the only time Ranger should be considered for use. Diffuse is a pretty awesome PvP cooldown.

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