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Thread: Starting new Rogue, build suggestions?

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    Default Starting new Rogue, build suggestions?

    I'm going to be starting a new Rogue soon(probably later tonight) and i'm looking for some suggestions from the more experienced Rogue players as to what would be a great starting build as for leveling and that i can take with me into the starting dungeons so i don't have to be changing builds a lot? I'm up for trying anything, if possible i would really like a build that could hold up until level 50-60.
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    You can swap roles anytime you want as long as you are out of combat so having more than 1 spec is not an issue(its what you should do, thats the whole point of the soul system)

    Get nightblade with 4 points into tact till level 50 and then swap to bladedancer and you can stay with 61bd 11 rift 4 tact from 60 to 65.

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