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Thread: Why does my DPS suck so much at lower levels?

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    Default Why does my DPS suck so much at lower levels?

    Hi guys, I just started to play this game with my friend and I am really enjoying it except for one thing: my damage. I am running the 61 ranger preset, currently at level 24 right now, and I take forever to kill one target (about 5-9 seconds). My friend is the same level as me, but is using the fire mage preset and is doing 5 times as much damage as me.

    My tooltip dps for my skills are around 100-130, but I hit for around 70-80

    I am fairly new to this game, so please educate me on what I am doing wrong.

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    Ranger become strong when it get it's big cooldowns and Twin Shot and fall behind at max level.

    Try using Marksman or Nightblade instead.

    As for the damage being reduced, monsters have armor and resistance that reduce the damage you do to them.
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