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Thread: Sin PvP Changes

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    Default Sin PvP Changes

    I'm starting this thread to hopefully get the rogue community involved in hopefully spurring some changes to our favorite classes. I have and always will main sin, I know it comes with it's drawbacks, but as it stands every level on my rogue was attained through PvP, and mainly Sin.
    Through this time I've ran into a few things that seem to me at least need urgent attention to really bring the spec up to where it needs to be. When I think about a rogue, I think about Sin. In my mind it's the definition of what the rogue class truly is. Here are a few of the things right off my head that I feel need addressing.

    First and foremost Sin is built around stealth, the whole spec is balanced and built around this attribute. So in my mind it seems totally illogical that some random AoE that hits me for 300 damage breaks my stealth and leaves me totally exposed. Better even still, a Reaver targeting someone else 30m from and his dots still spread to me and stealth leave me wide open. There needs to at least be a damage threshold to break stealth, or better yet, Hidden Vale needs to be a passive. It proc's on damage and offsets the break of stealth for 16s, with the cool down resetting once you reapply stealth. This alone would be huge, and to me seems necessary.

    Second, as a sin you spend the majority of your time in stealth as you would expect. Most of the time I fore go mounting to sneak around just so I don't get caught in the open, which in turn leaves you taking 15% more damage and doing 15% less. You also lose your opening advantage which to me is where sin's strength lies. A simple fix, Silent Footsteps doesn't just need to neutralize the penalty of stealth, but increase your movement speed until you reach your target, once you engage your return to your regular movement speed. We have warriors and clerics zipping around a huge speed's, while in combat, as a truly melee class it seems Sin needs to be able to close distance at increased speeds. As it would only affect your speed before engaging your target it would really only change the amount of time you actually have to spend until you reach them.

    Thirdly, my final suggestion also involves time on target. Sin is in desperate need of some way to slow your target. Nightblade is actually a half hybrid melee/range build and yet it has State of Sloth. NB doesn't even have to concern it's self at all with disconnects in PvP, ranged builders, one that slows, finishers that can be cast at ranged. Blazing Path and usually On the Double from MM too. Sin has Leaping Plunge, which I love it is very useful. The vast majority of the time though the root is resisted and the target zooms off at huge speed advantage while (most of the time) attacking with ranged abilities. Simple Fix, a crippling poison. Does about the same damage as say leching, but applies a 30% speed reduction. Have it high in the tree if need be so most of the time it is only available to true Sins. With the amount of debilitates and CC it really doesn't seem like it would be that huge of a game changer.

    My last points aren't quite as huge to me or overly necessary. They however would be welcome changes and in my mind improve the class. First Assassinate, if your using this over Jagged Strike at anytime, your doing sin wrong. It is totally useless in everyway, for burst, dps, anything. I'd suggest just rolling the two attacks into one. If your behind your target it does the initial damage of assassinate as well as applies the bleed from jagged strike, if not behind your target it works just as jagged strike does now. This would actually be a plus for good positioning and play, and would be a huge buff for the usefulness of assassinate. The next suggestion, really comes down to the whole play style of sin. Spamming the usual Savage Strike and Puncture builders gets...old. It also really slows sin down to actually building five combo points in most situations, sure you can spec a little into RS and Shadow Assault, which any pvper worth his salt has points in RS to begin with. With a 45 second cooldown, and the fact that you'd better be saving it for disconnects, means it really doesn't impact the actual rotation and play style of sin to much. My suggestion, an attack that works somewhat like Arterial Strike from Warlord. Can only be used after a critical strike off the GCD does moderate damage, or applies another DoT effect since alot of sin's damage is already geared towards that. As I said these points aren't as critical to me as the first, so take these suggestions as just that. At any rate that's my two cents, I'd really love to hear what the rogue community has in mind for the spec and the class in general, as I play every spec on occasion change across the board is welcome to me. Thank you for your time and see you in game.

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    It's a very good thinking and the changes would definitely make sense....for melee rogues that is, or melee in general. Ranged players usually react allergic to the thoughts of having melees buffed, so the cries will be huge. Matter of fact, even the DEVs are nerfing melee since release with every update, so the hopes are little to none, that we will see a buff given to melees. Better yet, expect more nerfs done to the melee world while everything will centralize into range until the game dies. Doesn't seem to be that far away though, which might be a good thing.

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