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Thread: Soul Choosing ?

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    Default Soul Choosing ?

    I have just recently downloaded the game, and from what I have read prior (note - the game is still downloading, and this was just past the Playable stage of downloading) that you choose from 3 souls. However, I don't really know 'when' you choose your souls, so I just assumed it was at the beginning, when you make your character. The options it gave me for Rogue when I chose the class were nowhere near to the amount of souls and also the names were different - so I'm a bit confused.
    Was my game glitching with the souls or is this sort of a 'beginner' thing and the soul selection appears later?

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    you get a premade build with different namings ,purposes,utilities aka you can pick a premade tanking build or a ranged dps one,its there to help new players with the soul system and points spent in your skill tree,you can ignore it and start your own combo but if you re new you 'll get missguided and lost,also if you re in the free to play version you wont get all aviable souls,still wont hurt you.

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    It's also worth noting that you get access to all of the souls (well, except for Tactician and Physician, which you have to buy), and you can respec at any time by talking to your class trainer.

    The soul selection process is just choosing which three souls that particular build will use.

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    To see your souls in game, press "n" to bring up the soul tree. You can change your souls by clicking the soul icon as long as you have no points spent in that tree.

    The bottom of the tree is called the root. These abilities unlock automagically when you have the appropriate number of points in the tree.

    The top of the tree is called the, erm, tree, and you put points into different branches by clicking the icon. The blue arrow from your premade shows you where to put your points to follow that build. You can put points anywhere, but you'll invalidate your premade.

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    When are they going to make this more obvious for new players?

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