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Thread: Ranger Thoughts

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    Default Ranger Thoughts

    I really like the ranger but I have a couple qualms.

    First, and not that important but enough of an issue for me to mention is the pets. A warthog that looks like its made out of stone and a wolf that can't hold aggro. Beastmasters get a cat, and we get a porky and a rover. BLECH!! I sure hope the Blood Raptor is worth the wait.

    Second, so far all of the rogue subclasses that have stealth, that stealth cannot be activated while in combat. It would be nice if there was some kind of stealth or action that a pet dependant Ranger can take to escape aggro in the event that the pet goes down.

    Anyone else wanna add to these thoughts?

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    Rangers will get some love soon. Be patient. )

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    The wolf is intended to be a mid-level dps pet, and the warthog is a fantastic tank. I haven't gotten to the blood raptor yet so I can't comment upon it, but you have to keep in mind what each pet is intended for - the greater dire wolf seems to do very good damage, and even the basic razorbeast rocks as a tank - the greater one with the aoe quill fire ability holds aggro like mad. I suspect there is some fine tuning yet to do, don't get me wrong, but honestly my only complaint with the pets was that they don't stealth with you lol.

    I will agree based upon what I've seen up to level 30 in FC that 10 seconds every so often of tossing threat onto the pet might not be enough of a dump.
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