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Thread: Off hand weapon dps

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    Default Off hand weapon dps

    Hey, what exactly does off hand dps affect?

    I've saved up enough tokens for one T1 weapon. I'd prefer to get a melee weapon, I enjoy melee more. But I don't think I'll ever save up for an off hand, so I wonder how much I'll suffer from having an inferior off hand, compared to just going ranged with a T1 ranged weapon.

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    your real weapon dps is - main handx1.3 .
    off hand weapon is there purely for the stats it contributes with. nothing else.dps of the off hand weap is meaningless.stats (and hit ofc for pve) are important.

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    Your off hand DPS is only used when playing Bladedancer (it uses main hand and off hand), in that spec you want your strongest weapon in your off hand not your main hand.

    Any other rogue spec your off hand is just a stat stick. Rogues are the only class that require 3 weapons for actual DPS
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