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Thread: Pet Skin: Electrical Hellbug

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    Default Pet Skin: Electrical Hellbug

    OK, all you Rangers who will (may possibly) drool over this item (if you don't have it already or haven't already paid a bunch of credits to Rift store for skins), I got a drop [Pet Skin: Electrical Hellbug] from some box or another. Tooltip: "Unlocks an additional skin for the Dire Wolf, Greater Dire Wolf, Razorbeast, Greater Razorbeast, and Blood Raptor."

    So my question is this - is it worth anything to anyone, given that Ranger isn't much used at level 65 now (though I've still seen it some in PVP) to get 5 different skin unlocks?
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    Seeing as ranger is supposedly on the docket for next update, it may likely be used more soon. If you plan on selling it id say hold on till the update as it will go for more when the class is more in demand. Definitely more attractive than the standard pets.

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