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Thread: What souls?

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    Thumbs down What souls?

    So I was playing Warfronts and the bracket was 30 - 40.
    I was against this rogue... and it looks to be using the physician/bard combo and oh my god.. he took no damage and just slowly killed me while he was full health the full time.

    How is this not OP? And can you tell me what his 3rd soul would've been and how many points in what soul?

    I'm curious because it seemed very unbalanced that a rogue can just tank 4 people while healing to full health again.

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    he prob was a physc/bard hybrid its really good at low lvls since u have heals and u can spam 1 button to kill ppl so lol.. it works verry well physician soul is verry overpowered and damn near unkillable at lower lvl pvp the heals are just too high so itll take atleast 5-6 ppl to kill that 1 rogue.

    P.S physician starts to get killable around lvl 60. thats where every other class gets alot more powerful so u can easily kill a physician alone without an issue.

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    The game is not balanced around low level PvP. You can do warfronts at low levels, but a lot of stuff will be incredibly broken because the souls are tuned with the assumption that everyone is level 65.

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