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Thread: rogue help

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    Default rogue help

    started not to long ago decided to roll ranger and im about to hit 60 but i want to start my research on my class as to what i will need to do respec wise for raiding i have been told that marksman,bard,surgeon is standard if you dont want to tank which i do not

    any help would be appreciated



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    As a raider, it is important to be able to play multiple roles. The more you can play well, the more desirable you are. So for support, there's bard. For healing there's Physician for single target and phystact (Physician/Tactician hybrid) for raid healing. And for dps, you should be familiar with Marksman, but knowing melee specs such as 61 Assassin, 38/38 Nightblade/Assassin, or 61 Nightblade can give you an edge over players who only know Marksman. I'd suggest you look through the Rogue Guides. There are very through guides for each spec. As for tanking, if you can spare a role, you should make a tank spec. Dungeons will drop tank gear and you're bound to pick up a bunch as you go. Plus, you may find you like it. Good luck, and if you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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    To actually raid you must know the following specs:

    1. 38NB/38SIN
    This is our best st dps spec since it gives the poison buff (5% crit) and handles disconnects very well. It has issues with target swapping, but its not too bad.

    2. 61MM
    This is out best ranged dps. It also has great utility with a purge and an int. This spec should probably be used first since its dps is not terrible compared to #1 and is slightly more versatile.

    3. Sab
    This is a simple trash spec. There inst a whole lot of trash that cant be skipped currently but you always want a strong aoe spec, and this is our best for sustained cleave.

    4. 61 Bard
    This spec is easy to play but super important to master. All raids will have a bard or an oracle, and if you are proficient at this you will guarantee yourself a raid spot. The key to this is understanding how the different raid buffs interact, and when to cast your cd's in relation to the rest.

    These specs are optional, but can make you even more desirable:

    1. Tact/Phys
    This is our best healing spec. It is pretty simple to play, and in almost every encounter you will see one of these.

    2. 61 Sin
    Maybe our best ST dps spec (I personally dont like it, but that is a preference). It is very comparable to nb/sin and since is sucks at dc's I think nb/sin is better. However. you cant really count on hybrids sticking around so learning this will be better in the long run.

    3. 61 Riftstalker
    This is our tank spec. Most guilds have tanks sorted out, but sometimes they are missing a specific class tank. Having the option to step into that role makes you seem like a team player.

    These are utility specs. I carry them, but you dont have to. They are somewhat situational:

    1. 61 NB
    This is our best ST dps spec if you have the threngar weapon, but until then it does not match nbsin or sin. Personally I use it for Unglock and WHO, since the cleave is strong, but that is my preference.

    2. 54 sin/ 22 BD
    This is a strong ST build (comparable to sin and nb/sin) with an int. Its a little tricky to play, but in cases were ints are at a premium and you can be in 100% melee, this spec is ideal.

    3. 61 BD
    I use this all the time for NM Rifts. There isnt a specific raid encounter where this is needed, but in the past some encounters have called for 1 to 2 of these for the burst aoe. I also use this on trash over sab since it pulls better numbers of shorter encounters.

    4. 61 phys
    This is our tank healing spec. It is not as strong at Purifier (Cleric), so you dont see it that often, but if the clerics are tasked in other roles you can fill their spot.

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    sinbd is really far behind nbsin,assasin or 61nb(with threngar weapon)

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    Quote Originally Posted by N3okorrales View Post
    sinbd is really far behind nbsin,assasin or 61nb(with threngar weapon)
    that depends on your definition of really far, it's only a few thousand behind and is quite useful for interrupts if the rest of your raid is slacking

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