Fell Blades
Smoldering Blades
Predatory Instincts

Skill Rotation:

Lost Hope
Dark Malady/Smother
Fiery Spike 4x (4th Fiery Spike is to ensure 5 Heat Retention stacks and because Smother only gives 1 CP)
Scourge of Darkness
Dusk to Dawn (4 CP's)
Crippling Shot > close in to melee range
Blazing Strike should be dead but if not;
Dusk Strike
Primal Strike 3x
Blazing Strike

of course throw in random Fiery Spikes when not in melee range while ranged abilities are on CD's

I played this build minus dusk to dawn in beta 5 and would like to think of it as a Ranged Opener/Close in to Melee/Finisher.

and with the Scourge of Darkness buff on the way, this will be king of PvP... or i'll be king of PvP.

Cause honestly, i mained Nightblade in all 5 betas and only figured out how to play it in Beta 5 with the addition of Scourge.

i'm so pumped.