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Thread: Gearing for raiding

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    Default Gearing for raiding

    Hey guys, I'm recently a new level 65 and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions or a mini-guide for quickly gearing up for the first raids with gear that is BiS or very close.

    I know there is some nice maradaur pieces but the chances of getting AP/CP with dex main stat is pretty rare and undependable.

    Any suggestions or guides would be appreciated.

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    1. Use gear from
    - crafting
    - chronicles
    - some open world drops with 100 hit
    - pvp
    to get 800 hit to be expert ready.

    2. Run experts and use
    - upgraded crafting gear
    - upgraded pvp gear
    - dungeon loot
    - dungeon-gear from shop
    to get 1000 hit.

    Use runes and dream orbs on every gear item.
    Get Synergy crystalls for your specc...

    Get planar essences from ah/nmr/drr...

    Since 3.2 was released....you can buy raid equip for money too ^^
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