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Thread: Healing Shigoroth

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    Default Healing Shigoroth

    What do you use to heal after Biting Snowstorm?

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    I always make sure that the group is topped up right before Biting Snowstorm and Dust to Dust. AT + 2x causal + expectant + group therapy is generally what I aim for.

    Biofeedback is really great during Snowstorm if the tank ever gets low since you can move whilst channeling and there's no noticeable delay between the first tick unlike PV. I generally tend to try and save Emergency Response since it's a very versatile CD that can act as a potent insta spot heal or a panic button on the tank (this is especially true if the tank is slow at picking up the adds).

    If you're having trouble with Dust to Dust you can pop Intensive Care as well.

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    Back on Fresh NT, the way i do shigoroth is i pop Intensive Care before the movement(Forgot the name of the mechanic) then GT, Then make sure to have the tanks shielded before the ads pop up, then on the next movement i just make pop GT,Spot heal people and use biofeedback on tanks and so on,if you still have Life insurance then just keep rotating your cooldowns until you win..
    as long as people stack behind him(so tanks can easily get agro on the ads) and keep moving when needed there should be very minimal group damage.
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