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Thread: Bard Raid Heals?

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    Cool Bard Raid Heals?

    I keep hearing about this...is it a specific spec? Anyone care to share?

    Also someone mentioned a pvp bard spec, again, care to share?

    Am running a 61 bard...probably really bad...lol...but I have no clue about rogue specs much.

    Thanks so much!!
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but that's about what the pvp bard specc is. Use hellfire and smoldering blades, spam cadenza till 5 heat retention stacks then virtuoso>Coda spam. I myself used it and it can crit people to 18k if they are under 30%, fun times (in some wfs I was top kbs/dmg, but I didnt spend much time pvp'in lol)
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    If you just want to do pure healing with Bard and little to no damage, just for PvP though:
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