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Thread: Gear advice

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    Default Gear advice

    so i recently got http://rift.magelo.com/en/item/87D2FCE70101010101
    and was wondering if i should wait and get http://rift.magelo.com/en/item/879190FB0701010101 and http://rift.magelo.com/en/item/9CA4EEE80401010101 .

    the mythical kingslayer look nice epic upgrade but the guard in both of those is great so what u guys think?

    also comparing the chest from arak and the chest from extra chest in gyel the chest in gyel has guard but less end compare to the one from arak, would it be better more guard at the sacrifice of end?

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    Equip it if you if it's better than what you have off course, But when you get the dagger and mace drop from the expert take them over it. The guard is great but the proc effects really what sets it apart and what you want.

    That's really your preference for your tanking I know me personally I'll take the higher armor from nightmare coast if my guard numbers are over 2,000.

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    i just wanted to make sure before i upgrade the arak chest since the guard is kinda hard to get specially with the over priced essences.

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    i would suggest not upgrading it to mythical kingslayer
    (asuming it needs to be upgraded dont know item)
    assuming its blue atm throw a blue endurance rune on it for now.
    the epic weapons from ntes are better.

    guessing your goal is being ready to tank ez raids u should aim for sth like 135 k hp (new spec ) and 10 percent or more guard.

    important is that u DO NOT waste abyssal crusador marks or other currency on soon replaced stuff u will need them to get 4/4 or at least 3/4 tank crystal and upgrades on good items.

    now to get to my point upgrading blue items costs a ton more accelerators than just upgrading an epic drop for crystal bonus and in general the epic drops at last bosses are better.
    the *hauberk of the night tide* chest is better than the blue chest form secret.
    so use that one.

    and if u have proper runes and gear which your goal is i supose, then 10 percent guard minimum is rly trivial. so dont focus like crazy on it.

    to give u an idea:

    2369 is guard soft cap
    with all max runes u get 1025 guard form runes alone.
    and asuming 4k dexterity its 400 guard from dex

    2369 - (1025 + 400) = 944 guard

    that is rly not much u have to have on gear.

    so imo:
    focus on getting the expert epic items, get 4/4 tanking crystal, farm your rep to get bis runes on all those items,
    and get nightmare 5 master which gives u an over 1200 endurance focus.

    DO NOT WASTE PLAT on tanking lessers use warriar and rogue nmr 5 master ones they are better.

    hopes this helps

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