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Thread: Nightblade Builds

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    Default Nightblade Builds


    If you look at the presets tab in the soul tree window, the Nightblade build 61NB/11MM/4RS is commonly used.
    The Marksman soul provides more ranged damage with the 'Ranged Combat Mastery' buff, and the 4 points in Riftstalker is for the Attack Power.

    I changed the build a little bit, and found out that 54NB/11MM/11R has a slight 10% dps increase. The Marksman stays the same with your 'Ranged Combat Mastery' and the Ranger soul provides more dps, because of the 5 points into 'WildernessTraining and 1 into the 'Predatory Instincts' buff. These two slots together increase your Attack Power with 14%.

    The points that are not used in Nightblade and are put into Ranger will increase the dps with a slight 10%. The only difference is that you no longer have the 'Planebound Resilience' buff to increase your Endurance.

    What are your opinions? Is it better to use the 61NB/11MM/4RS, or this one?
    Help and changes are appreciated ^_^

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    T1 clear -- T2 clear -- MoM clear

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    You will lose 0.5% damage for every point you put into RS Have you taken that into account? From the passive gift off Riftstalker vs dps souls

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    61 NB or bust. The loss from the RS gift is pretty negligible. The increased HP on top of Twilight Force is probably overkill, but the extra port is always handy to have - even with Blazing Path.

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    10rng/5tact that 10non phys dmg or if you have a ton of Dex you can go with 11rng 4 sab. Couple different ways to go with this. 4 RS isn't the end all be all its just peoples comfort zone.
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