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Thread: Ranger Leveling L60+

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    Default Ranger Leveling L60+

    I get bored easily, especially if using a cookie cutter build. I am not sure if someone else has tried or posted this, but I have been dabbling with the following build for leveling and absolutely love it!


    Using the Greater Razorbeast pet, I flow with the following rotation:

    Animalism: +40% damage boost
    Twilight Force: +10% damage boost (and the Razorbeast auto engages)
    Shadow Fire: +5% damage boost (ranged weapon attacks)
    Ace Shot: +8% damage boost
    Splinter Shot: +15% pet damage boost from bleed effect
    Head Shot: +5% damage boost
    Piercing Shot: -3600 armor on target
    Twilight Force (2-3x as point builder)
    Twin Shot = dead target

    This rotation allows for a +68% damage boost to self, not including other talents or pet buffs. Furthermore, you can proc both Hell Fire Blades and Virulent Poison for an additional +1700 damage per hit! This spec mows through targets while leveling up after 60.

    You also get the benefit of being able to stealth and have a ranged CC. It makes questing super easy!

    If this spec has not been "officially named," I dub it "The Predator."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfborne View Post
    This rotation allows for a +68% damage boost to self
    That is not how damage modifiers work.

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    Default Pet

    Raptor+2xVampiric >> Boar+2x(edge,vampiric) at 58-60(+) for solo leveling in NT due to pet self healing.
    Only reason to use boar in NM is on hard hitting melee elites 62+ where armor mitigation+HP+Rejuv >> raptor self healing+Rejuv.

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