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Thread: Strafe Messed Up?

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    Default Strafe Messed Up?

    I've noticed today that my Strafe in MM is doing about half as much damage since the patch. Anyone else having this issue? My strafe damage went from about 60-70k crits, to 35-40k crits.

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    Same here. I'm level 65, almost full NTE gear and my Strafe non-crits do 7k...

    I hope it's a mess up and not some massive ghost nerf.

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    Same here, looks like Strafe deal ~50% less dmg than before the patch.
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    you really need to play more pyro . I bet you are a warrior or rogue so your opinion is not accurate at all. By the way pyro is not even close to have the highest burst in the game tell that to a sin or warlord

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