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Thread: Tactician tweaks thread

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    Default Tactician tweaks thread

    Can we have this soul fixed already? It's been a while and it still remain nearly useless.

    Step 1: Remove negative effects from Engines
    Step 2: Add some talent high in the tree which allow Tact to have all engines up in the same time and which rebuff all engines (kinda like VK self buffs where you can get them all later on)
    Step 3: Change the way Healing Torrent work. Make it display big AoE on the ground while channeling, like with Lava field. Increase the Channel duration and make it affect up to 20 players. When channeling healing torrent Tact cant do anything else which is a problem and that's why it should be good heal to compensate.
    Step 4: Add battle rez (shared cd with Phys rez) and AoE cleanse somewhere.
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    I had a thought that maybe a cleanse effect should be added to Curative Torrent. Keep the healing relatively low, but add a Verse of Purity style cleanse that can affect party/raid members once every 3 sec.

    Another thought was to:
    -remove Mass Repulsion (aoe knockback)
    -move Primer Amplification down into its spot as a 20 point ability
    -add a 1 point passive that allows 2 active Engines at once as a 35-point ability
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    I was thinking the other day that it would be interesting if this was the main rogue aoe heal soul. We have Phys for ST heals, but have to use hybrid spec for aoe. Adding an engine to increase healing output and maybe an ability to have more than 1 engine active. I also like the idea of a rez that shares a CD with Phys. I used to solo with Tact quite a bit, and it would be nice if it were more useful in groups or PvP.

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