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Thread: Buff assassinate

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    Default Buff assassinate

    So... let get real, no one uses assassinate.

    In pvp, you can crit like 5k with assassinate, why would you do that when you can crit 4k with jagged strike every single tick?

    In my eyes, assassinate should work semi-like a fulminate for example, you can only do it every 30 seconds and you are bound to restrictions such as you must be behind the enemy, whereas with fulminate, every 30 seconds, must have 50% charge (I think).

    Fulminate can crit for like 14k + easily, please adjust assassinate some how, would be nice to jump on a healer with assassinate and actually see their hp go down for more then 1 second before the splash heals of a life giving veil heal the healer for the entire damage of your assassinate..

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    While the name of the ability and the archetype of Assassin begs for Assassinate to be some sort of hard hitting sub 30% ability, I would love to see something more unique.

    Currently the only high-value statistical debuff that I can think of is the Strength and Dexterity reduction associated with Death Touch. How about giving Assassinate a decently large endurance reduction?

    This would reduce the target's maximum health pool while visually their health bar would remain predominately full as it wouldn't show as an actual health pool reduction. It would also place more emphasis on the fact it is an opener as the closer the target is to full health, the greater the benefit of the debuff due to the way health pools work. Reducing a players maximum health pool by 15k when they are already missing 20k is sub-optimal whereas taking a flat, non rng-influenced 15k right off the top of a full health target would be very valuable.

    The numbers are obviously arbitrary and would have to be modified by a talent much deeper in the Assassin soul due to how low Assassinate is in the root, but I would just love to see something new.
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    There's few problems:

    1. It's low in the soul tree.
    2. It may cause issues with hybrids (we dont want more indirect buffs to Nb/Sin)

    Buffing it may require swapping it's position with some other ability, like poison gas (which is nearly useless imo, as it breaks on dmg) or making Assassine affect other ability which is high in the soul tree.

    For example: Assinate could boost dmg of Malicious poison only, by X % for X seconds. The values should be good enough to make it worth using in a rotation with jagged strike. This way we can buff 61 Sin without boosting NB/Sin. It would add some more variety to the rotation which is imo non-faceroll change.

    61 Sin have pretty bad disconnects and no AoE, so it should do ~5-7% more dps than Nb/Sin. I also dislike that Nb/Sin get's access to Lethal poison, it kinda strip 61 Sin. Perhaps bigger issue is that Nb/Sin does bonus dmg to targets under 30% hp.
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