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Thread: Is there a rogue solo leveling AoE spec that only uses the basic (free) souls?

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    Default Is there a rogue solo leveling AoE spec that only uses the basic (free) souls?

    I haven't touched the Bladedancer soul and it seems like a lot of fun and a nice change from my current builds (a Nightblade preset and a Ranger preset).

    Things I'm looking for, or to keep in mind:

    - I'm lvl 32. If the build fails at some high level, I'm O.K. with that
    - I want it to be fun
    - Ideally I would like some self healing capabilities so I can move on from one mob to the next or not worry if I'm attacked by 2-4 enemies but I realize this might be unrealistic without Tactician
    - good AoE
    - good for soloing (I couldn't care less how it does in raid, dungeons, or PVP)
    - good for leveling
    - doesn't use any souls other than the ones that are free
    - I'd like it to be melee
    - I'd like not to have to use a pet

    I've seen some builds that look awesome and use Blandedancer but they all either use Tactician or are apparently useless sub lvl 50.

    Any suggestions very much appreciated

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    Bladedancer simply isn't functional until level 50, since you don't have 100% dance uptime until you unlock Blade and Soul Parity. Nightblade is the best option for soloing builds until then.

    Your ability to AoE mobs down without dying is going to be limited pretty harshly if you don't have Tactician, because none of the other souls can provide that level of constant passive healing without a serious point investment.

    8 points in Riftstalker are a must in any solo build for Boosted Recovery, but that only heals you when you kill things, and generally won't do much of anything to sustain you during a fight, since enemies tend to all die around the same time when you're AoEing.

    Bard needs to use its own builders/finishers (which are ranged), you don't get Multiple Oscillations until higher levels, and the damage is somewhat lacking. And Assassin has Leeching Poison, but the proc chance of poisons is divided by the number of targets that you're hitting with an ability, so you heal for the same amount, on average, whether you're hitting 1 enemy or 8, meaning that it doesn't do a good job of keeping up with the increased damage intake of fighting multiple enemies.
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