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Thread: BUG Static Shock Munitions?

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    Default BUG Static Shock Munitions?

    Sometimes im die or change instance (loading screen) im loose 5% crit power result from buff "Static Shock Munitions" , and when recast only this buff continue bug, need recast all MM and Predatory Instincts (Ranger soul) buff for see again 5% critical hit damage plus in to my stat crit power. sorry my english.
    PD: now see sticky thread bugs, my apologies for my error thread.
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    I've had the exact same problem since 3.1, can't remember if it was the same before that though. It's pretty annoying as I consider Predatory Instincts and Static Shots Munition two of my most essential buffs, and since I now have to rebuff these two after respawning (in PvP), those are the two that will go first if someone uses a purge ability, so I have to recast my other buffs which I can "afford" to lose.

    It would be nice to know if this is intended, or if it's a bug so that it can get looked at.

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    Static Shock Munitions losing its effect when you die is a bug but it should be fixed in next week's patch. Predatory Instincts is an aura and all aura type buffs fall off when you die so that one is intended. Hopefully that mechanic gets changed when ranger gets its revamp.

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