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Thread: Assn/Sab Build, flexible to fight ranged or melee; feedback please?

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    Default Assn/Sab Build, flexible to fight ranged or melee; feedback please?

    I haven't yet played above level 18 so this build is mainly theory-crafting on my part without really knowing how it all plays out at the higher levels. The idea behind this build is to play it the following way:

    1. Vs. ranged classes, open with assn. attacks from stealth, stun-lock, use no poisons to keep blind viable, use blind to escape combat then slip away and incap and reopen when CD's are ready. This gives the benefit of control, and staying within the ranger class's dead zone.

    2. Vs melee classes, open the same way only, once stuns are exhausted, drop adhesive bomb or entangling trap to get range, circle kite, and use sab abilities to finish. Against melee classes use puncture in the damage rotation and use bleed abilities since you aren't going to use blind to set up a re-open to melee combat.


    Please give your feedback on whether or not this would work. Does this sacrifice too much of the assassins damage? I'm also not sure if poisons can be easily/quickly removed from weapons in a way that would make switching to poison/non-poison tactics viable.

    *Edited* learned something about poisons on another thread.
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