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Thread: Viable SIN or SIN hybrid builds for PvP?

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    Default Viable SIN or SIN hybrid builds for PvP?

    Hello everyone, just hit 65 a few days ago, and was just wondering what are some of your opinions on SIN builds for PvP? Im running 58sin/18rs and i am open to any ideas. Just feel like it doesn't scale well from 64-65 via damage out put. If there are any other threads that have touched on this topic, I apologize. I can't seem to find any that stay focused on the primary topic. Thank you again

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    None, do PVE not PVP, trion doesn't care about PVP and you gain nothing from it compared to PVE.

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    Sin is only viable if there's no purges or on maps with flags where you can wait until everyone leaves and then re-cap the flags, for actually dps purposes i'd suggest NB (which still suffer from purges but not as much, but you get a lot better burst, disconnects and survivality. You can also try some NB/Sin hybrids.
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    Replace sin with nb and you are good.
    Sin is very weak recently no break free, puny self heal, weak burst, nb far-far better.
    With nb I can crit 10-12 k, doing 7-8 k dps if every cd is on, while with sin I do only 4-5 k or less. (blazing strike can crit 10-12k, and death from as well and with mastery it has only 15 sec CD, while sin finishers hit maybe half.)
    With 61nb/12bd/3rs you got 2 ports, 1 on very short cd and its a cc breaker as well, while sin hasn't got it, 1 run, 1 stun, 1 interrupt, 2 roots (flash of steel is godly against pyros), insane burst, and the most broken self heal in the game: tt. Nb better against jumping and kiting enemies as well.
    The only advantage what sin has over nb is hidden veil with slip away.

    I personally us this build: sidestep and strike back is good combo.

    tldr: buff assassin

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